Thursday, February 28, 2008

Required Reading: Iron Man

Continuing Marvel's Iron Man assault, which will probably last at least until two months after the movie is released, they released an article online about the 10 Best Iron Man Collections. So you can read about that. Personally, I didn't really think the Armor Wars was all that great when I finally got around to reading it. But then again, I'm not the biggest Iron Man fan. So you may not want to take my word for it and check some of these out.

JUST A REMINDER: That new Iron Man movie trailer is on tonight's episode of LOST. I swear it's on tonight this time.

Another poster in the Who Do You Trust series can be found here. Some people have been commenting on Marvel's site that these are dumb and don't serve a purpose, but I think they're pretty cool. Keep 'em coming.

Another pretty decent article on Top 11 Teen Characters. My only gripe is that A. Jubilee is on the list and B. She's ahead of X-23. Travesty of justice right there.

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