Tuesday, February 12, 2008

February 2008 Reads Part I.

Moon Knight #15: This was actually a pretty good comic. Not a whole lot of action, but the dialogue and the story-line made up for it. Super creepy ending. I like how they're really developing the secondary characters and how Marc and his psychosis effects their lives. It's really well-paced (not a whole lot of Marvel comics can say that) and like I said before, for an issue without a whole lot of action, it still manages to keep your attention. The only drawback; an early appearance by Tony Stark/Iron Man. Marvel seems to be on a quest to put him in every single comic they publish in 2008. It's like Wolverine-level of annoyance right now. How can he be in 25 different books in the same month?

The Twelve #2: I continue to be impressed with this title. I know that's a pretty weird statement considering it's only on the second issue, but this is a really well done series. This issue still had a fair amount of talking going on, but I didn't really mind it too much. It had some back-story, some action, some mystery, and a look into how some of the characters are adjusting to 2008 after taking a 60-year nap; this one had a really good mix of things going on. I can't wait until the next issue and it sucks that #3 comes out in a month. I wish it was bi-monthly. Seriously, if it's still at your comic book shop, do yourself the favor and just go ahead and pick it up. You will be pleasantly surprised; it's not like anything Marvel is putting out right now, and that's a good thing.

Uncanny X-Men #495: Wow, I was not impressed with this one. This was a transition book from The Messiah Complex to the new crossover, Divided We Stand. Sidebar here; why do we need a crossover for every single issue of the X-Men now? There haven't been a whole lot of one-offs or fun issues lately, it's been big event city with Endangered Species/Messiah Complex/Divided We Stand. Really annoying. Well, this tried to be a fun issue, but there was a heavy dose of Emma Frost and Cyclops in it and something just rubbed me the wrong way. I have been warming up to Cyke lately, but I still don't really like Emma. Anyways, not much happened in this one, except for the part where Iron Man showed up (SEE? I told you, EVERY issue published by Marvel in 2008, that's their goal) and Cyke told him off. Cyclops also told him that the X-Men aren't together anymore. I can't help but think that this part of the story is useless, because you know that Cyke is going to pull everyone back together at some point. I mean, even if Marvel hadn't released about a dozen articles saying that "Cyclops will unify the X-Men in a way they haven’t been for years", you know that they can't have a book called X-Men without having some kind of X-Men team together. It's science. Anyways, I'm kind of not looking forward to next month's issue; something is wrong in San Francisco and the city has reverted back to the '60s. Al-righty, then.

Tomorrow I will be buying: Fantastic Four #554, New Exiles #2, Wolverine #62, X-Factor #28 and X-Force #1. Yes, that's a lot. And I'm trying to cut back. We'll see how that goes.

In other news, it's good to see that Fred Hembeck over at Make Mine Marvel is back!

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