Tuesday, February 19, 2008

February 2008 Reads Part II.

Fantastic Four #554; This one was a little slow, but I liked it a lot and it set up the story for the next couple of issues. It's interesting that they reverted Johnny back to his a-hole persona. He was actually becoming borderline likable in the last ten or so issues, and now he's back to almost how he was portrayed in the the movies, which is annoying. I've never been much of a Human Torch fan, so now that he's back to being a megalomanic, I could really do without him in the story. Good thing he wasn't in this one for very long. This was kind of a fun and entertaining book without any action, which is kind of a hard thing to pull off. A lot of people have been worried about what is going to happen to this book because of the creative team (apparently, their last FF run wasn't well received) but I'd say it's off to a great start. I'm onboard with this one and will keep buying it.

New Exiles #2; Sigh. I'm just not feeling this series at all. It think I'm going to drop it. There's just not a whole lot going on and it's taking forever for the story to develop. It's been pretty boring. They finally fought some people but they kind of lost. I will probably hang out for the first story arc to end and then I'm out. Just not enough action or interesting story/dialogue. I'm not sure why this one is selling so well because it's pretty boring. I guess I've gotta hope that the story line doesn't pick up before the end of the first arc and I get hooked because I really need to cut a couple of titles that I'm buying. This one is #1 on the cut list.

Wolverine #62; Ok, this one was really good. I could do without the two word titles they've been using to describe the last couple of story arcs, but that's about my only gripe (the last one was called "Logan Dies", this one is called "Get Mystique". See, I told you they were lame). It was interesting to see that Wolverine and Mystique have known each other for a very long time (since 1921) and I did not know that Mystique was that old, but I think that was a new reveal. The strange thing is that lately, people have been drawing her very young looking. I know she's a shape shifter and can change her appearance, but she was looking really young in some of the X-Men issues. Anyways, this was very well-paced and well-written and I am excited because I just saw the preview for next month's issue and it looks pretty good.

X-Factor #28; This one was just ok. A lot of the X-Titles are caught in this weird place right now where there isn't an X-Men team, but there kind of is and then at some point there will be, so every book is kind of in limbo until the end of the "Divided We Stand" story line ends. I'm pretty lukewarm on this this story arc and that's probably because I've got a little bit of a Messiah Complex hangover, because THAT story arc was really, really, really good. This issue revolved around Wolfsbane and her decision to leave the team to join X-Force. Madrox didn't take her resignation very well, mainly because Rahne couldn't tell him why she was leaving or where she was going. The rest was kind of boring because it involves characters that I really don't care about; mainly Rictor and Strong Guy. Anyways, I guess I'll keep buying this one because it's involved in all of the cross-overs.

X-Force #1; I almost missed this one. I've been waiting for it to come out for about two months and it was sold out when I got to my comic shop. I asked the owner about it, and he was nice enough to give me a copy from behind the counter, which was really nice considering that I've only been going there for about three months. If I could only use one word to describe this book, it would be: superfreakingawesome. Seriously, go out and get this one if you can. It is awesome.

Tomorrow, I'll be buying; Cable Deadpool #50 (if they have it), Hulk #2, Mighty Avengers #9, and Wolverine Origins #22

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