Friday, February 8, 2008

And the New Captain America is...

And the new Captain America is...Bucky! That was the obvious choice from the 6 contenders Marvel narrowed it down to. The story made Yahoo! news and I'm sure it got some press elsewhere. From what I've heard / read, it seems like Marvel has done a good job of building the Bucky character and making him relevant to today's Marvel Universe. Good job, Marvel, I'll have to track some stuff down.

So now the questions is - what happens to Steve Rogers? Will he stay dead at the bottom of the ocean? Will they find a Steve Rogers from an alternate reality and somehow bring him back? Even though I love Steve Rogers, I think he always had the stigma that he was kind of outdated and stiff. He's a patriot, though, and he fought in freakin' World War II. Of course he's gonna be old-school. Still, we'll see where Marvel goes with this. Should be interesting.


Tyler said...

Bucky was the obvious choice, but I was hoping Marvel would actually take a chance and go with Hawkeye. But they didn't.

chris said...

Yeah, I think Hawkeye would have been a pretty badass choice. They kind of did something with Hawkeye in the Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America stories I read.

They basically sent Hawkeye out in the Cap costume and he did not feel comfortable doing that. Oh well.