Thursday, June 26, 2008


So Marvel has been annoying me lately because they've been running full-page ads for X-Force #5 in every comic they publish. The reason it's annoying is because the last issue left off with a pretty big cliffhanger and I still have to wait two weeks to buy the stupid issue. If you haven't been reading it (shame on you if you haven't) they brought Archangel back. You can see a preview of X-Force #5 here.

Warren appeared in the first issue of X-Force and I remember thinking to myself, "Man, he would be perfect on this team if he was still Archangel". And now they went ahead and brought him back, which is pretty awesome. I loved the Archangel character and I really have no use for the regular Angel character. All the Angel can do is fly. Big whoop. Archangel is so much cooler it's not even funny. So I'm REALLY looking forward to reading that issue because I've really enjoyed the series this far and it's good to hear they're bringing one of my favorite characters back.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June 2008 Reads Part III.

Yeah I know I'm behind, I'll try and do a best/worst post involving the previous two weeks if I can get to it. So, here's what I bought last week...

Guardians of the Galaxy #2: Sigh...this series is SO good. I wish everything that Marvel did was as great as this series. It's just smartly written and I love the dry wit/humor. I normally don't comment on the art, but I've actually stopped to look at some of the panels, especially the ones that involve Star-Lord, because I love the way his mask and uniform is designed. I read this book at least twice each month, I just really enjoy the way it's written and the storyline/character development that they've got going on really draws you in.

Anyways, this issue was excellent, I highly suggest picking it up, you won't be disappointed. My only problem is that Groot was said to be back in the preview for this issue and he's featured on the cover, but he really doesn't do too much in the issue. Hopefully something happens next month. I will definitely be picking this up, in fact, I had to go to my back-up store to get each of the first two issues. I love this series and it gets better every time I read it.

Incredible Hercules #118: So, my four favorite titles are; Guardians of the Galaxy, Incredible Hercules, Thunderbolts and The Twelve. This issue featured "The God Squad". It was the normal awesomeness you'd expect if you've been reading this title for the last couple of months; some fighting, some subterfuge and some witty dialogue.

This was a Secret Invasion Tie-In, but they haven't reached wherever the Skull Gods are hanging out yet, so we're still waiting for that slobberknocker to happen. In the last panel, one of the major character was revealed to be a Skrull and their eyes will be green on next month's cover. Speaking of next month's issue, I wish it was next month already so I could read it. That's how much I look forward to reading this book. It's great. If you only pick up a couple of titles, definitely pick this one up.

Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #2: Yeah, not so impressed by this one. I've said this before but, why can't they just run this in the regular monthly Fantastic Four book? I gotta shell out another $2.99 for this thing? Thankfully, there's only one more issue left and I can cross it off of my buy list, which I really need to start paring down. It's pretty unwieldy at this point. Anyways, the story was pretty average, obviously Sharon was a Skrull, and it turns out that the Skrull impersonating Sharon was Lyja, Johnny's ex-wife. Um, yeah. Like I said this one was just so-so. Read at your own peril. And don't say I didn't warn you.

Wolverine #66: Finally, we're getting somewhere. I was mistaken with my review of the last issue, apparently the "Get Mystique" storyline is over with (thank God) and the "Old Man Logan" storyline starts with this issue. It was pretty entertaining, Logan is an old man (which is kind of obvious from the title) and pretty beat down by life. Bruce Banner's children are his landlords and he has to make the rent. Hawkeye shows up with the Spider-Mobile and gets him to come with him on a delivery run. They haven't really explained what happened to all of the other Super Heroes yet, but I'm sure that will be revealed. And I'm wondering if this is supposed to definitely be in the future, or if this is just a fun little story. Either way, it's pretty entertaining and a welcome change of pace from the last couple of story arcs.

X-Factor #32: To be honest, I really didn't remember what happened in this issue and had to go back and refresh my memory and all I can really say is that this story was pretty boring. Then there was a flash forward to about five months in the future (I don't know how they're going to work that into the rest of the X-Men continuity, unless they all flash-forward five months into the future)

Today I've got Fantastic Four #558, Hulk #4, Marvel 1985 #2 (I hope it's good this time), Mighty Avengers #15 (looks REAL good), Ms. Marvel #28, New Avengers #42 (I thought New Avengers and Mighty Avengers were supposed to be on different weeks?), Thunderbolts #121 (It's on!), Uncanny X-Men #499, Wolverine: First Class #4, Wolverine: Origins #26 (I can't believe I'm collecting three different Wolverine series), X-Men Legacy #213 (again, I thought Legacy and Uncanny were supposed to be on different weeks, you're killing me Marvel). That's a lot. I really need to start cutting back.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Wolverine and the X-Men Trailer #2.

Marvel released another article about the new Wolverine cartoon today. You can see the newest trailer for the series there as well. I've been psyched to see this show for awhile, it looks really cool and really well-done. I can't wait for 2009 to get here.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Deadpool #1.

Ok, we've been down for a few weeks. Sorry to anyone who reads this thing on a regular basis (my guess is that Chris and I are the only ones who are reading this, the rest of the hits we're getting are from random searches). Mainly, I stopped posting because I was tired of writing those reviews of the books I was buying. Anyways, I promise we'll try better.

In comic book news; Marvel released their previews for September, and that includes a sneak peak at the cover for Deadpool #1. Pretty awesome. You can read more about the issue on Marvel's site. I personally can't wait for September. Secret Invasion will be in full swing (including Secret Invasion: X-Men) and the new Deadpool series begins. I am a big fan of the 'Pool and it sounds like it's going to be totally rad.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Incredible Hulk Review

Spoilers ahead!

I caught Incredible Hulk on Saturday and thought it was pretty good. I've never been that big of a Hulk fan whatsoever. I thought Ang Lee's version a few years ago was decent, but then again, I only saw it once. I was a little concerned about this new version since I heard Ed Norton was doing a bunch of re-writes on set.

Overall, it was a good movie. Not as strong as Iron Man but that may be because I'm not as well-versed in the Hulk character. This movie doesn't spend a lot of time going through the Hulk's origins - most of it is told in quick flashbacks, which I liked. I did like that the Hulk and Emil Bronsky aka The Abomination square off three times in the flick. It felt like it established a real rivalry between the two, rather than just "okay, this is where Spider-Man fights the villain and we end the movie."

The cameo at the end of the movie was kind of a waste, since it just reiterated the cameo at the end of Iron Man's credits. I'm still looking forward to how they tie together Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America and then The Avengers but I thought Tony Stark's cameo could have offered a little bit more.

All in all, a decent movie and Marvel continues on a strong roll.