Friday, July 18, 2008

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

Article over on about the sequel to that Ultimate Alliance game from a few years ago; Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion. There's a preview video on that link as well. It looks interesting, it's supposed to follow the events of Secrets Wars storyline from a couple of years ago and then segue into the Civil War storyline.

A couple of notes; 1. Chris is going to be bummed that he's going to have to buy a PS3 to play it, and, 2. They couldn't just call it Ultimate Alliance 2? They had to tack on "Fusion" at the end? Now it's just a totally unwieldy name. I bought the first one (or maybe Chris got it for my birthday) when the price dropped down to $19.99 and I was excited to play it at first, but then I never finished it. It was almost exactly like X-Men Legends, and, after playing two of those games, there wasn't a whole lot to keep me interested. I think I stopped playing shortly after I got Luke Cage's alt costume from the 70s.

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chris. said...

Damn you, Playstation 3!!! Considering I never finished X-Men Legends 2 or the first Ultimate Alliance, I think I'll be okay missing out on this one.

At least the new Star Wars: The Force Unleashed game is coming out on PS2.