Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hulk vs. Wolverine.

Check out this article over at Marvel.com. They partnered with Lionsgate to release some Direct-To-DVD/Blue-Ray animated movies. They're starting off with "Hulk Vs.", which will be available in January of 2009. The first half of the DVD is 45-minutes of Hulk vs. Thor, with the second half as Hulk vs. Wolverine clocking in at 33-minutes. Pretty awesome. I have a reprint of the Hulk #180-181 and I can't wait to see it on DVD. There's a trailer on that page and it's pretty awesome. With this and the two animated TV series (Iron Man and Wolverine & the X-Men) I really think that Marvel is onto something here. I can't wait for that to hit stores. I am pretty stoked.

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