Thursday, July 17, 2008

Deadpool #1 Preview.

Marvel released a preview of Deadpool #1 today. Looks pretty awesome. Complete with a Rob Liefeld variant cover. The exciting thing is that it's written by Daniel Way, who has been writing quite possibly the funniest comic in the Marvel catalog; Wolverine: Origins, which just wrapped up a story-arc featuring Deadpool. So, I'm expecting all kinds of awesomeness. The only downside is that it's $3.99, but I'm hoping that it's because it's a double-sized issue. Marvel hasn't released a page-count on their website on the catalog page for the issue, but that has to be the reason. And it better not include any filler, like a reprint or ten pages of pinups. Anyways, here's the art:


chris. said...

Wow, that Liefeld cover actually looks kinda decent. Probably because someone painted over all of his crosshatching.

Tyler said...

Yeah, it's a great cover definitely because of the ink/coloring and not because he drew an amazing image.

I would put money on the reason behind Marvel waiting such a long time to launch that series was that they were waiting for Liefeld to deliver the pencils for the alt cover.