Monday, July 7, 2008

Angar the Screamer.

So, a couple of months ago, Chris tasked me to write about Angar the Screamer. I realized that I haven't done one of these "Lame Villains"* posts in a long time, so I figured Angar would be a great way to bring this feature back. I finally got around to scanning some stuff so, strap yourself in, because we're going on a ride. A long and psychedelic ride involving dragons and wizards**.

Angar is pretty much a walking cliche, having been created in the 70's by Marvel staffers. You can see by the picture to the left here that he's pretty much a hippie, and in traditional Marvel heavy-handedness, they made his city of birth San Francisco. Yeah, they were really creative with his back story. Anyways, so one day, David Angar (and yep, that's his real name) volunteered for an experiment that would give him superhuman powers and his vocal chords were bombarded with hypersound, whatever that is. Basically, he can scream very loud and cause people to hallucinate. So to review, he's a hippie and he can make people hallucinate. Way to go there, Marvel, really pushing the creative envelope there.

Angar decided to use his "powers" for evil and ended up spending most of the 70's and early 80's getting his ass kicked by pretty much every secondary street-level hero that Marvel had to offer. Then, sadly, Angar's final appearance occurred in the Thunderbolts '97 Annual in a story called "Screams of Anguish" (by the way, the cover to that Annual is so 90's it's painful). The story is about Screaming Mimi and how she became Songbird. Apparently, Angar and Mimi were boyfriend/girlfriend and while on a bank heist, Angar got shot from a stray bullet and died in Mimi's arms. Here's his death panel:

Mimi/Songbird screamed for an hour straight over her loss and blew out her vocal chords and the Fixer (who I might also have to do one of these things for) had to build something technological for her to reproduce her powers. Sad times all around.

BUT!, he was later revived as a creature of pure sound called Scream, who became part of the Redeemers, who were kind of part of the Thunderbolts for a brief time. I'm reading that story arc right now and it's kind of confusing.

Personally, I think they need to bring Angar back, and that they should introduce him in the Ultimate universe. Like maybe he's the lead singer of a metal band and while they are performing at Metalfest '08, the stage is hit by a mystical lightening bolt transforming him into Angar, the Living Amplifier. Basically, his powers involve screaming at high decibels and blowing out people's eardrums. He could even have an awesome jagged metal-style Angar logo. Marvel, if you're reading this, email me and I'll let you know where to send the Brinks trucks to deposit the money that you will owe me. This is a sure-fire hit.

So, yeah, Angar; pretty awesome, right? Ok, yeah, he's pretty lame, but my idea to bring him back as Ultimate Angar is pretty strong. Marvel, get back to me soon, I want my money.

*If you want to read more about the lame villains we've covered, click on the "Lame Villains" tag at that bottom of the post, or you can click here.

**Ok, fine, it turns there weren't any dragons or wizards involved. I made that part up. But I'm sure if Angar was real, he'd have owned a van a one point in the 70's with a mural painted on it involving a dragon and a wizard. So, that kind of relates to what I was saying.


chris. said...

I'd love to see Ultimate Angar, as long as he's still rocking that mustache.

Tyler said...

Oh yeah, the mustache, long hair and mutton chops are a must.