Monday, July 21, 2008

Dr. McNinja, M.D.

A couple of weeks ago, I read about Dr. McNinja over at The-ISB and instantly knew this was a comic that I needed to own in trade paperback format.

Actually, I bought two copies of the first two books, one set for me and one for Chris as a birthday present for his 30th birthday last month. Now that I think about it, I don't know if it's the crappiest 30th birthday gift or the most awesome gift in the history of gift-giving. I'm leaning towards MOST AWESOME GIFT EVER.

So basically after I found out about it, I think I got through three pages before I had to stop and order copies. I've been reading the current story, but I held off reading the older stuff until the books arrived. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. There are Velociraptor riding Bandidos involved in one of the early stories. Really, if that doesn't convince you of how awesome this comic is, I don't know what will.

For those that are STILL not yet convinced, here's ome back story; Dr. McNinja is a doctor (obviously), and he's also a Ninja (again, pretty obvious), so he is tragically conflicted by his need to kill and he oath to protect life. He has a gorilla receptionist named Judy, and comes from a long line of Ninjas. His dad is a ninja (you can tell he's his dad because his ninja mask has a cutout for his mustache; which is pure genius if you ask me), his Mom is a Ninja and his brother is a Ninja.

In the first story/storyarc is pretty cool. He treats a boy who has a very rare condition; he has Paul Bunyon disease. He grows about 10 stories high and has a giant lumberjack beard. How awesome is that? Dr. McNinja treats the boy without killing him, but does manage to kill a bunch of hunters who hunt down

The current storyarc has kind of pushed the envelope of awesomeness to an unheard of degree. Dr. McNinja gets transported to Dracula's castle on the moon and at one point grabs Dracula while wearing an astronaut suit in hopes of killing him when the sun comes up while they are flying through space. HOWEVER, Dracula swapped himself out with a Draculabot and Dr. McNinja had to call his brother to figure out how to hack a Draculabot to fly home. The sequence ends with him riding the Draculabot like a surfboard (see the panel to the right) and hilarity ensues.

Why are you still reading this? Go to the website and start reading already. Thank me later.

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