Thursday, May 29, 2008

May 2008 Reads Part III.

Fantastic Four #557: Well, this story's finally over with, I think. I dunno, I found it kind of lame at the end. Basically, good guys win and nothing really happens. I still don't understand why they couldn't have run the FF: Secret Invasion story here instead of making it a separate series. Seems like they could have ditched this story and run that one instead. I think it's just another way to get you to buy more comic books. Kind of lame in my opinion. Speaking of which, I need to buy a couple more long boxes, I just realized that when I was organizing stuff over the weekend. Unfortunately, I only know one place to get them cheap and it's online and you kind of have to order a lot to justify the shipping, which sucks.

Incredible Hercules #117: I love this series. From now on, the best of the week will have a slightly larger picture associated with it. I didn't do it the other day because I wrote about the two comics that I thought were the best of the year so far, so, obviously, they were the best of the week. Anyways, this comic was pretty awesome. You have the pantheon of Gods arguing and fighting with each other and at one point, Herc finally had enough of it and assembled a God Squad to go fight the Skrull Gods. Can't wait for next month. A God was also revealed to be a Skrull, which is very interesting, because they haven't revealed what happened to that God, and they better explain real soon. Like in the next issue. I can't say enough about this issue and the series, it's awesome and you should definitely go pick it up.

Mighty Avengers #14: This was interesting. It was a Secret Invasion tie-in and it was told from some of the Skrulls point of view and it was mainly about the Sentry. By now you've probably heard that Jarvis is a Skrull. Well, he asked Tony Stark if he browse through the Avengers files and Stark gave him full access. Bad move Stark. So that's how they're getting intel on everyone. I really like this series (even though it's been hijacked by Secret Invasion) and it's my favorite Avengers title. It's normally a fun read and I've been enjoying it for awhile.

Wolverine: Origins #25: This is the end of the storyarc that features Deadpool and, I gotta say, I enjoyed it. The reveal at the end was kind of predictable, but I love me some Deadpool, and this was a fun story with lots of fighting, so I thought it was pretty good. I can't wait for the new Deadpool series to come out in the summer, from what I've heard, he's going to have a big impact on the whole Secret Invasion cross-over. One gripe about this particular comic; it was an extra dollar (because it was the 25th issue) and the only thing that was extra was that it reprinted Deadpool's first appearance from the New Mutants, which I already have. So, I'm not really sure that the extra dollar was justified and I was kind of surprised about it when I was paying for it. Thanks, Marvel.

X-Factor #31: I'm going to say it, this one was kind of boring. I have been enjoying this series for the last couple of issues, but for some reason, I had a hard time getting through this one. I guess it's because it's still wrapping up that Arcade story (he escaped) and it deals with Mutant-town, which is kind of irrelevant now because of the House of M/Decimation story. So, I guess that's why they burnt the town down to the ground in this issue, and hopefully, X-Factor will move along. At the end of this issue, someone put a call into Tony Stark, so hopefully he'll be in the next issue. Because that guy hasn't been around a whole lot lately, and he really needs to have more appearances*.

X-Men: Divided We Stand #2: So, I really don't understand the reason behind releasing these two books, they are kind of nice short stories, but they don't really accomplish anything, other than reinforce the fact that all of the X-Men teams are in a state of flux. Also, it really didn't feel like it needed to be an extra dollar. I have been a little disappointed lately with Marvel's random pricing and tie-in madness.

Today I'm planning on getting Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men (even though I've never read a page of the series and it's $4.99), King-Size Hulk, Marvel 1985 (I've been looking forward to this series ever since they announced it), Ms. Marvel #27, New Avengers #41 (from what Bendis said a couple of weeks ago, this was should be pretty awesome), Uncanny X-Men #498, Wolverine: First Class #3 (I love this series), X-Force #4 (Love me some X-Force too), and X-Men Legacy #212 (Didn't the last issue just come out? I'm confused). That's kind of a lot. The last couple of weeks my buy list as grown exponentially.

*Denotes sarcasm

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