Monday, May 5, 2008

Iron Man Review

In a single word, Iron Man is: awesome. Robert Downey Jr. is absolutely perfect as Tony Stark. Everything about the story was perfect, even the little things that had to / chose to change to update it. Make sure you stay past the credits for a great tease at what's coming up. I usually enjoy the first comic books but get a little bit frustrated because first movies are primarily origin stories. I understand they have to do this and Iron Man's was well-paced and didn't feel tedious at all. The technology in the movie is superimpressive. Overall, a great great movie and probably one of my favorite comic book movies ever.

Hot on the heels of Iron Man's $100M+ success, Marvel announced Iron Man 2 to be coming out in 2010 as well as Thor, Captain America and the Avengers movies all coming out in 2010-11. I absolutely love that Marvel took over producing its own movies so now we can start to see some crossovers. Downey has a cameo in The Hulk movie which I'm still not excited about, but at least it's all weaving together for The Avengers. Obviously, The Avengers movie will feature Iron Man, Cap and Thor and probably the Hulk, and they can introduce secondary characters like Vision, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye or whoever else without necessarily giving them their own movies first. 2010-11 will be movie greatness.

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