Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May 2008 Reads Part I.

Cable #3: Man this is a slow moving series. I'm actually thinking about dropping it. It's been three issues already and nothing has really happened. They kind of keep going over the same stuff each issue. There was a little more action going on in this issue, but I was still bored when I was reading it. There was a "shocking" ending, but to be honest, I don't really know who showed up at the end to help Cable out. And there's a whole B story about how the town that they're in is in trouble, and Cable can't help because he's gotta keep the baby safe, but you just know that he's going to get involved. So, it's kind of predictable.

Logan #3: I have no idea why this series was produced. I think it was just to get people to spend $3.99 on a comic and to move books. I just don't get anything about the story or why it had to be produced. The last issue was just ok, and it was probably the best one of the series. I am really disappointed in Marvel for putting this out and jacking up the price because they know that people are going to go out and buy it regardless of how good it is, just because it's about Wolverine.

Mighty Avengers #13: Interesting. Again, this entire comic was devoted to Nick Fury, only this time it focused on what he's doing to counter the Skrull threat. He went out recruiting. Well, to be more accurate, he had Daisy Johnson go out and recruit. They didn't target existing Heroes, they went after the sons and daughters of some obscure Heroes and Villains. I am very interested to see where this story goes and what kind happens with them. Does Fury train them as a team, or as separate agents? Is he putting together a new agency? I have to admit, this Secret Invasion storyline is getting better with each issue and tie-in that I pickup.

Moon Knight #18: All the sudden, this one got ratcheted up like five notches. Lots of action going on in the middle of the book and lots of psychological drama going on in Marc Spectre's mind. I think I've said this before but, he's one messed up dude. The beginning with Tony Stark was actually kind of funny, in a messed up way and then it finally got to some action. I liked this issue a lot and it was good to see the Black Spectre in full force. It did seem a little rushed though, I thought there was going to at least be one more issue where Marc hits the bottom again before he goes back to donning the Moon Knight cape, but that's what happened at the end of the issue. Next month, it's offically on.

Secret Invasion #2: Ok, I liked this book a lot, I just wish it revealed more of what is going on. The Mighty Avengers and the New Avengers are still in the Savage Land and they started attacking the Super-Heroes that came out of the spaceship. The Spider-Man and Hawkeye that came out of the ship were killed and reverted back to Skrulls, but Mockingbird also came out of the ship and was verified to be real by Ronin. She mentioned that she thought that the Captain America that was in the ship with them seemed to be the real Captain America. I swear to God Marvel, if that is the real Captain America and his recent death was a stunt and/or retcon, so help me, I don't really know what I will do, but it will be bad, do you hear me? Technically, it can't be Steve Rodgers, because when he was killed, his body didn't revert back to a Skrull. So either the Cap that came off the ship was a Skrull, or they've got some other crazy story to explain it all. Whatever, I just want answers Marvel. I will give them an A for the Secret Invasion story so far, I'd just like some questions to be answered pretty soon is all.

Thunderbolts: Reason In Maddness: This one was pretty messed up. But it was very good. Basically, the moral of the story is, you don't mess with Norman Osborn. It will end badly if you do.

This was an interesting book, but it was a little hard to follow. Maybe it's because I'm not fully up on the current storyline/situation. I bought a pretty complete run of the series and it finally arrived about two weeks ago, so I'm starting from issue #1 and working my way up. So far I'm on issue #11, so I've got a ways. I'm missing about 10 issues, and I don't really know how I'm going to bridge those gaps, because buying individual comics on eBay can get expensive. I'm going to see what my regular shop has tonight.

X-Factor: The Quick and the Dead: Quicksilver is one of my favorite characters, but I thought this book was kind of boring. Lots of taking but the characters weren't saying much. The last quarter of the book really picks up though, and in the last panel, it appears that he gets his powers back. I've been a little disappointed that they've basically forgotten about Petro ever since the Son of M series about two years ago and I hope they use him now that they've established that his powers are back and that he wants to try and be a hero again. This was a one-shot, and I haven't heard about what book he's going to end up in.

Young X-Men #2: This one was good. I've been surprised by this series and I like it a lot. They're really starting to flesh out the new characters, and they're also doing a great job of expanding on the existing characters. There was a pretty shocking ending at the end, and I'm disappointed that I have to wait a month for the next issue to come out. It's very good, and I hope it stays that way for awhile.

Today, I'm going to pickup Genext #1 (I'm very interested to read this one), New Exiles #6 (yeah, I know I'm a moron), New Universal: Shockfront #1, Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1, The Twelve #5 (Awe yeah!), Thunderbolts #120, Wolverine #65 (Wolvie and Mystique FINALLY go at each other; should be entertaining), and X-Men Legacy #211.

Stuff I'll flip through at the store: Giant-Size Incredible Hulk #1, Guardians of the Galaxy #1, Wolverine: The Amazing Immortal Man & Other Bloody Tales #1, X-Men Origin: Colossus.

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