Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Welcome to Asteroid F.

My sidekick Tyler and I started this blog because no one really gives a crap when we talk about comics (or related topics) on our individual blogs. We've decided to combine forces and make our home here on Asteroid F. But unlike The Wonder Twins, there is no catch phrase we utter in order to post on here. Oh, and we're not twins.

Here's a quick and useless rundown on my background: much like every other comic fan in my age range, I got into comics as a kid. I distinctly remember the first two comic books I owned, which I will have to dig up and review at some point. I was with comics through the '90s "collector" frenzy up 'til the early '00s. I have a general knowledge and love of comics, but am no longer a regular collector. Perhaps I'll get into the reasons at some point, but in the meantime, I have a healthy stash of back issues and other topics to mock here on the 'Roid.*

Alright, time to do some maintenance on the inhibitor fields. 'Til next time.

* - we should probably come up with a different abbreviation. AF, perhaps? Just as long as the metrosexuals don't confuse us with Abercrombie.

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Tyler said...

I am thinking of collecting that new Hudson/Fitch Moon Knight series because it looks good and it kind of just started (about 10 issues in). And I always liked Moon Knight. I'll probably do a piece on a Spidey issue I have with him as a guest-star.