Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Star Wars Celebration IV- Revenge of the Bantha Burger

Well, Star Wars Celebration IV has come and left Los Angeles a smoking pile of scrap metal just like scavenging Jawas would have done. It was about what I expected - lots of (somewhat) interesting panels, lots of people in costumes, and lots of people selling the exact same things. The highlights for me were seeing Star Wars in 30 Minutes and the 3D Clone Wars cartoon trailer. To say it looks impressive is an understatement.

I only got one autograph, but went with my brother as he got the rest of his. We took pictures with most of the actors and they were all very nice. I got the signature of Orli Shoshan (Shaak Ti). I didn't get it because she's hot, I got it 'cause Shaak Ti rules! It's just a bonus she's good looking, though I can't understand why Lucas would hire hot girls like her or Amy Allen, then hide them in make-up and costumes.

We went to a panel with Daniel Logan, Temura Morrison and Jeremy Bulloch - the Fett family! It was entertaining - the guys were funny, but to think an actor who walked around in a costume for two movies and didn't say his own lines gets a standing ovation with dozens of flash photographs is a little silly. But I guess that's the point to Star Wars, and moreso, a Star Wars Celebration. Hey look, it really is the little person who hung out in a trash can for six movies - we love your work! Hence why I paid $20 for the autograph of a Jedi that was mostly in the background.

A SW convention is also the only place people would get excited when a Starbucks barista calls out "Order 66 is ready!" Swear to God, I heard it. Well okay, I heard about it. The only merch I walked away with was a Yoda magnet, but there was a dope booth with tons of pop culture t-shirts where I got an Avengers shirt, a GI Joe shirt and an early birthday present of a Captain America sweatshirt. Yeah, I went to Star Wars Celebration IV and all I spent on Star Wars merchandise was $2.50.

I think the people in costumes were one of the more interesting things - a curious thing were people dressed up as V (from V For Vendetta), Captain Jack Sparrow and Barf from Spaceballs. Although, I guess if you made a Barf costume back in 1987, you'd be thankful you had a chance to dust it off. A handful of photos from the event:

The Elvis Trooper:

That's no moon, it's a space station!

Join us and together we will rule the galaxy!

This isn't the mailbox we're looking for.


Tyler said...

No picture with Shaak Ti? I know you took one...

chris said...

I did, I did! It's on Andrew's camera and he hasn't sent me the pics yet. I'll definitely post it once I get it.