Thursday, May 24, 2007

Iron Man, The Movie.

I guess someone should post something here. Even though I'm not the biggest Iron Man fan (I'm still going to write that 1500 word essay on why he sucks), I am totally excited to see this movie, and it's barely started filming. I think that if any comic book movie is going to benefit from the advances made in CGI, it's going to be a movie about a guy in a suit of armor. From what I've seen so far (just posters and stills) they're doing everything right. I'm not so sure about the choice of the super-villian (the Mandarin), but then again, Shellhead really never had a top notch, big name nemisis. Apparently Iron Monger is going to be in the mix, which I think will be good because Iron Man mainly fought villians in suits of armor, so it'll be good to have that represented in the movie. I just hope they learned from Spidey 3's mistakes and don't try to pack it too full of characters/story. Leave some for the sequel, you know there's gonna be one, especially from what I've seen so far (They could do the alcoholism storyline and maybe throw in Warmachine in the sequel). Special effects are great, but there's no substitute for a good story Favreau, so start there first and worry about the CGI later. Anyways, I haven't seen every comic film made in the last couple of years, but this one (along with any of the X-Men films) I would pay full price and probably go see the first day it's released.


Jason said...

Dude, 1,500 words on why Iron Man sucks is letting him off easy. That was one character I could never get into. He (and Tony Stark) just seemed so...I don't know, it looked like neither character had a believable personality. Stark never jumped off the page to me and it seemed that the armored suit was ALWAYS running low on power (or maybe it was just me) at the most inopportune time, making it the most tiring plot twist in the '80's next to the A-Team's "How are we going to get B.A. into the plane THIS time?"

If he scored a -50 on my scale of favorite characters, his villains were a solid -350. Like him, no personality or even purpose. But enough about that.

As for the movie, I like Downey, Jr. as Stark. However, the only villain in my mind who was interesting enough and who I'm disappointed to see is not in the movie is Stane (I forget his first name...Otto? I think it started with an "O"), the guy who took did the hostile takeover of Stark Industries and sent Tony into his alcoholism. Without him, there's really no real my humble opinion, of course.

Tyler said...

Yeah, the always on low power thing is one of my main points. And that whenever he got his ass handed to him, he'd just go back to the lab and supe the suit up a little and then he'd be good to go. That happened like 9,245 different times.

But, as much as I disliked Iron Man, I do think it will make a killer movie. But I hope they do it right. Like I said, from what I've seen, they're on the right track.

I think they're going to address the alcoholism angle in the sequel, Favreau has actually been quoted as saying that they'll get to that in the second movie. I'm ok with the first one being the setup movie, they're going to go through Stark's past and a couple of different evolutions of the suits. Obadiah Stane is going to be in the movie as Stane/Iron Monger. Jeff Bridges is credited on IMDB as playing him. I heard the main villian is the Mandarin though, so Stane might be in flashback stuff and then they'll have him take over Stark Industries in the second one.

Chris, you gonna weight in here at some point?