Thursday, May 28, 2009

Terminator: Salvation Review

I saw Terminator: Salvation Monday morning, and I liked it. A lot. Looking at reviews on the internet, not a whole lot of people have that opinion, but I enjoyed it a lot, and I think it did a lot more for the franchise than Rise of the Machines did. I also saw Star Trek the day before (we really don't need a third review at this point) and I have to say that I enjoyed the Terminator movie just as much if not more than Star Trek.

Now, maybe that's because I grew up with the Terminator movies and never really watched Star Trek at all (except for a couple of seasons of Next Generation), so I might be a little biased, but I think a lot of people are a little too harsh when they review the movie. Yes, it has faults and flaws, but so did Star Trek. I thought the first half of the movie was perfect, the action sequences were great, and the way it was switching back and forth between each part of the plot was well done. It kind of broke down a little in the middle, but then it ramped up for the end. Yes, the ending was predictable, but supposedly they are all signed on for a trilogy, and I thought that for the first part of a trilogy, this movie didn't do a bad job of setting everything up.

I think if you enjoy the Terminator series, you'll enjoy this movie. If you don't like the series or you haven't seen all of the movies, you might not enjoy it at all and you will be quick to point out plot holes and flaws. In the Sci-fi genre, I think that's pretty much how it goes; fans enjoy, non-fans don't.

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Ahi said...

Hmm. Well, I've heard comments about this one similar to those on Wolverine – that it's alright, but nothing great. If it's worth seeing, I want to see it on the big screen, but there's nothing worse than paying $11 for an "eh" movie experience.

Looks like I need to do more reading on what people think of this one before I write it off.