Monday, May 25, 2009

Marvel 70th Anniversary Covers.

Ok, so Marvel decided to bring back the anniversary frames, which is pretty rad if you ask me. They're like the 25th anniversary frames from back in '86, which you can see here and here. I just wish they weren't variants. One thing I've been wondering about is why Marvel's celebrating 70 years this year when they were celebrating 25 years in 1986. The math doesn't add up there, it wouldn't even be 50 years if you use the previous mark to go by. If someone can explain Marvel's math here, I would appreciate it.

You can also got to Marvel's 70th Anniversary site to check out the top 70 covers of all time. Man, people voted for a lot of recent stuff. I hope the top 50 doesn't have anything relatively new. You can check daily for updates.


Chris said...

Yeah, I've already seen quite a few modern covers and I was like, "What?" I am NOT a fan of David Finch at all so I'm surprised / disappointed to see any of his work in there.

Chris said...

And let me know if you figure out that 70th anniversary thing.

Tyler said...

Word, even though I do like Finch's cover work every once-in-awhile.

I'm trying to figure their math out. I'll report back if I figure it out.