Friday, May 29, 2009

A Punishing Read

Not since the days when they introduced Sarget Slaughter into the world of G.I. Joe have I seen a crossover this ridiculous. Marvel feels it will be profitable to pair Frank Castle with Slim Shady. That's right ladies and gents (as if chicks would read a blog this deep in nerd-dom) the Punisher's new side kick is Eminem.

I guesss they're trying to reach a new audience, but lovers of the sly tongued toehead seem a far cry from comic book fans. With the (sort of) recent popularity of graphic novels, comic books have pushed closer to the main stream. The problem is that the Eminem stream seems like it would flow from a different source a different country...and would be salty, somehow.

This is yet another instance where I would have loved to be in the pitch meeting for the idea. "For Marshal's next album, we should see if we can team him up with somebody equally as rebelious and the Punisher!! Yeah, cause he's a vigilante and he does whatever he wants in order to bring down criminals, and Eminem says whatever he wants...mostly to bring down panties, but still, there's definitely a similarity. Maybe this will spawn a new category of Rap that differentiates itself from gangsta rap and calls itself "vigilante rap".

From what I read on Twitter, it's every bit as ridiculous as it sounds. One of the links lead to a preview of the Eminem stroke-fest that is the Punisher/Eminem book. But I warn you, wait until at least a half our after you've eaten to read it, unless you're trying to slim down.

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