Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March 2008 Reads Part I.

Cable #1: I'm not sure I understand this whole "Divided We Stand" cross-over, mainly because it's not a cross-over. Which is kind of cool because for once they're not trying to have everything related to each other, but it's also kind of wack because they're still calling it a cross-over. With that said, there wasn't a whole lot going on in the issue until the reveal on the very last page (which is kind of a bad sign to start off if you ask me). Honestly, I really can't remember anything important that happened besides the twist ending. But the ending was a pretty good good, so I'm in and I want to see where this goes.

Kick-Ass #1: My normal comic book shop was sold out of The Twelve, so I had to go to the one that is kind of by work, and I picked this one up because I didn't want to just buy one comic. I've read some other reviews about this one, and they've all mostly panned it. I've gotta agree; it's not a very good comic. I like the idea behind the story; a kid in the real world tries to become a superhero and gets his ass kicked, but after he gets put into a full body cast, what the hell are you supposed to think? I dunno, I think I'll read the next one off of the rack and make a snap decision. I'm having trouble organizing my comic collection already, I really need to stop buying these one-off books.

Logan #1: I think I had mentioned this a couple of times here before this issue came out; I really wasn't sure why we need another book about Wolverine, but I bought this book anyway. After reading it, I'm still kind of wondering why we really needed a three issue limited-series about Wolvie (especially when Wolverine: Origins is a regular title) but at least this one was pretty fun to read. It really didn't cover too much though, and they've only got two more issues to wrap it up, so they had better get a move-on. Normally the first issue is jam-backed with words and back story, but this one had a whole lot of action going on. So I'm interested to see what happens next.

Moon Knight #16: I haven't received this one in the mail yet, so I don't have a review of it. Usually I get them the day they come out (I got Uncanny X-Men #496 [see below] on Monday, a full two days before it hit the stores) but I'm still waiting for this one, which is a little strange. I might buy it tomorrow because there's usually a ton left over at the store I go to. This one looked really good too, I like the Black Spectre comeback story so far. I really like this series and wished that it got more pub because I think Marvel's done a great job resurrecting this character from the dead. I've always liked Moon Knight for some strange reason, so it's good to see that he's back.

The Twelve #3: I remember this one was really good (because the series has been excellent so far) but something happened when I was reading it and then I went to sleep and picked it up the next day and finished it, so I probably need to go back and reread it to make sure I remember everything that happened. It's still a pretty wordy book, which is fine by me, I think I read it after I read Logan #1 (which was not a big talky-book) so it was nice to have a change of pace. I really like the characters and their development. Oh yeah, I just remembered the ending and there was a pretty big cliff-hanger. I really like the way the story has been paced so far, it's not just thrown together, it seems like everyone involved took their time with it and it really shows. Take some notes Marvel, this one's a big success.

Uncanny X-Men #496: This one surprised me. I had complained a couple of weeks ago that they never do one-off stories anymore, that they only do the mega-cross-overs and this one was a mixture of the two. Like I said before, I have no idea what this whole "Divided We Stand" storyline is supposed to be all about because the issues that I've read don't seem to tie into each other at all. This issue however, was a fun story involving some old-school characters (Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Colossus) getting in some trouble. I think the next issue really focuses on Cyke, Angel and Emma Frost in San Francisco, so, again, I have some low expectations for that one.

X-Force #2: This one was AWESOME. I can't say enough about this book and I can't wait until next month for the next issue. It has a couple of "Oh S#%t" moments, and the story is really well written and flows rather nicely. It does have a healthy dose of Wolverine though; it's mainly told in his narrative. It does kind of show a different side of Logan's character and as well as why he doesn't really want to be a leader. As I said, I can't say enough about this series, it has been totally awesome so far and I am salivating for the next issue.

Tomorrow, my list includes; Fantastic Four #555, Mighty Avengers #10, New Exiles #3 (man I wish this first arc was over with already so I can drop this book), Thunderbolts #119, Wolverine #63 (I'm actually very excited to read this one), and X-Factor #29. That is a lot of comics for me. I also might buy The Last Defenders #1, but I'm going to flip through it first.

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