Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Update 1/15/08.

In Marvel's newest edition of The Pulse, and continuing their "Best of 2007" stories, they linked to an article on their website about The Greatest Fights of 2007. Personally, I read #9: The Mighty Avengers Vs. Ultron and #3: The X-Men Vs. The Marauders, and that sounds about right. The Avengers fight was just ok, but the X-Men fight was pretty good.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be buying: Cable & Deadpool #49, New Exiles #1, and New X-Men #46. I have been trying to get a run of Cable & Deadpool off of eBay, but it is pretty expensive. Stupid Civil War jacking up prices. I think #49 is the last or next to last issue of C&D as Cable is getting his own series again at the end of The Messiah Complex. I don't know if I've heard about any plans for how Deadpool will be used after this series is over, which is interesting, because I think he's starred or co-starred in a series for about the last fifteen years, so to not have him in an ongoing series all of the sudden seems a little strange. But what do I know, I'm not an executive over at Marvel, I just read their comics.

To update my post from last week, The Twelve was actually very, very good. I enjoyed it a lot. There's some interesting stuff going on with the story that I liked and I thought it would just be a rehashing of Captain America's story where he was frozen for awhile and had to adjust to his new surroundings. There is a fair amount of that in the first issue, but there's also a lot of other things going on. I liked the characters, one of them is called "The Phantom Reporter" and he has an interesting detective style. Unlike most books, they show what he sees and thinks while it's going on, it's not mysteriously revealed at the end of the book. So I thought he was an interesting character. Speaking of the end of the book, cliffhanger alert! I imagine there will be a cliffhanger at the end of each issue as it's a 12-issue Limited Series and they've got a story to tell and the easiest way to end a short-run series is with cliffhangers, which is fine by me. The first issue was a little wordy, but that's kind of to be expected, there was a lot going on and they had twelve characters to introduce. I actually didn't mind the amount of words, it's really well written, my only mistake was trying to read it when it was late and I was tired. I am very much looking forward to next month's issue. A really well-done, kind of quirky, off the beaten path book. So if you're into that kind of stuff, check it out or pick up the trade when that's released, I think it's worth the money.

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