Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Update 1/23/08.

Even though January is almost done with, Marvel keeps rolling out the Best Of 2007 lists. The other day they posted a Top Teams of 2007 List, which was kind of interesting.

Another interesting article was their Alternate Realities article some of their writers and artists talked about their favorite alternate reality storylines. Of course "Days of Future Past" was the most popular. That's my #1. Way back in the day at a comic con, I bought X-Men #142 and my friend Andy bought #141 and we figured that we'd just read the one the other had when we were over hanging out. I think I only got to read his copy of #141 once, and that was later in the day when I was over at his house and I was taking a break from playing Mega Man. Shortly after that, his family moved away and I never heard from him again. I recently bought a copy at another comic con and it's just as good as I remember it. The only flaw in the story is that I think we're coming up on the year in which it's supposed to take place. I think they learned their lesson because now, whenever they refer to Bishop's future, it's always "eighty years in the future".

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