Sunday, January 20, 2008

January Reads Part III.

New Exiles #1: Ok, is there ever going to be any action in this series? The last three issues, including this one, have been full of talk, talk, talk and more talk. The team has been lampin' at home, getting used to the new team and new leadership and absolutely nothing has been going on. Finally at the end of this one they get a mission, but they leave half of the team because Sabertooth (the new team leader) doesn't trust a couple of them and leaves another behind to watch the other two. Then, in the weakest cliffhanger in the history of the written word, Rogue inexplicable falls off of a cliff. That's it. That's how it ends. I expected more from you Chris Claremont.

New X-Men #46 Ok, so this is the last issue before the Messiah Complex finale (in X-Men #207) and basically it ended up exactly how I thought it would; everyone somehow makes it to the same place for an epic battle at the end. So, I'm waiting for Wednesday to roll around so I can pick that up and see what happens. This issue was kind of interesting, the first part was told as a flashback focusing on Mystique and her ulterior motives. She actually wanted to save Rogue the whole time and tries to use the baby to heal Rogue. Gambit stops her and Cable arrives and takes the baby and is looking for a time machine (I love that the series just happens to have several time machines just laying around). As I said, it ends with the New X-Men battling Predator X and they teleport the entire team and Predator X to the final battle between the X-Men and the Marauders, so in X-Men #207, it's all gonna go down. According to wikipedia and other things I've read on the web, there will be a lot of changes to the X-Titles after this is over. I guess they're going to do an X-Men: Disassembled crossover entitled; Divided We Stand. I guess they're going to be disassembled and the reformed by Cyke into his vision of what the X-Men should be. X-Men will be renamed X-Men: Legacy, and I'm not sure what supposed to happen with the title, because the preview for the first issue (#208) features the original team in old costumes. So I don't know what's going on there. Cable is getting his own series, where he is traveling through time with the mutant baby (yeah, that kind of spoils things, doesn't it?). New X-Men is getting replaced by X-Force (I am stoked about this). Then they're going to launch a Young X-Men title, which I really don't get because couldn't they just use New X-Men for that? I guess we'll see.

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