Thursday, January 24, 2008

January 2008 Reads Part V.

New Warriors #7-8 I have always liked the New Warriors, but this series is not like any of the previous incarnations of the team. It's really wordy and most of the team doesn't have any powers. And Night Thrasher is dead, and his brother is taking his place. It also features a de-powered Jubilee, and I'm going to say that she's even more annoying without her powers. Some of the story focused on each individual deciding on what technology they would choose to give them powers. And then there's a whole lot of in-fighting between the team. Kind of annoying. I'm probably not going to keep buying this one, I thought I'd check it out because I used to collect it. But it's not the same, there are only a very few characters that are hold-overs from the original run, and the rest of them don't have any powers, so it's kind of hard to keep my interest up. And there wasn't a whole lot of action. So I guess I'll flip through next month's ish, but I probably won't be buying.

X-Men #207: This issue concluded The Messiah Complex and it was a little disappointing. I think all of the stuff that was pre-released about changes to all of the titles hurt the ending, because I really wasn't surprised with the ending. ::SPOILER ALERT:: Cable leaves to take care of the child in the future. Professor X is shot and could be dying. Cyclops announces that the dream is over and that the X-Men are no more (he's supposed to reform them in a couple of months according to his vision of what the X-Men should be). I guess the most shocking thing was that Rogue almost killed her mother, Mystique, after Mystique tried to sacrifice the baby to cure her (you've gotta be up on the story-line involving the Strain 88 virus that Rogue has for that to make any sense). I guess she didn't kill Mystique, but now the only voices that are in Rogue's head are her own and her Mom's, and she's not too happy about having Mystique's memories. She basically just walked out on Gambit and the X-Men after that happened. I think that part of the story will be interesting just to see what happens with her character. Apparently in the next issue of Wolverine, he's supposed to go after Mystique for revenge. Mr. Sinister was not shown to be 100% dead in my opinion. Also, no one really died, except for Caliban, which I'm still a little mad about. I can't wait for the first issue of X-Force though, I've been waiting for that series to start as soon as I heard about it. So, I guess in the end, the status quo is slightly out of whack, but at some point I'm sure it will be business as usual.

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