Thursday, June 14, 2007

Star Wars Video Games

I totally blew my chance, but I could have finally pitched my Star Wars video game idea to LucasArts at CIV. Damn. Hopefully someone will do a Google search of "Star Wars video game ideas," land on this page and then forward it on to the appropriate people.

Here's my idea: make a badass 1-on-1 fighting game but throw out all rules of continuity. My only problem with Star Wars games is they force them into Star Wars continuity. In The Clone Wars video game, you're racing along as Mace Windu in your Republic Tank towards the Geonosian Arena, and you have a huge ass tank battle with Count Dooku's Dark Acolytes. So that's what happened right before he got to the Arena and snuck up on Count Dooku and Jango Fett in Episode II, in case you were curious. I guess it's cool that it fits into the continuity, but sometimes it forced.

So, make a fighting game and throw continuity out the window. I want a 1-on-1 match where Count Dooku fights a Rancor monster. I want to see Mace Windu duke it out with Jedi Leia, and Jango Fett take out Bossk. Tell me this game wouldn't blow up the game charts. Someone get LucasArts on the horn, pull some people off of the next crappy Star Wars cellphone game and get them working on this.


Tyler said...

Finally. I almost posted again today. I'd like to see some kind of Star Wars Video Game Olympics on ESPN, the Ocho. You got your Podracing, your Battlefront, maybe even Galactic Battlegrounds with some of the older 2600 games like Empire (the snowspeeder one) and Jedi Arena. Of course the finale round would have to be the oldschool Atari Star Wars game coin-op game.

Also, you need to tell Andrew (or he'll see it if he reads this thing) that I found him a new watch. There's also one for his ladyfriend at the bottom.

chris said...

Ooh yeah, SW Olympics! I would love to play the old Super Nintendo Trilogy of games. Those were so much fun.

Ahi said...

Tyler, that Mandalorian logo watch is pretty sweet! Nice find. What's up with that weird, bootleg Star Wars arcade game?!! Shoot a missle at aliens?!! WTF?

Tyler said...

In a strange coincedence, I got an email from Fossil about that watch on the same day that Chris posted. It's kind of spendy, but it is pretty cool.

I think that's the wrong screenshot for that game. The console is right because it looks like that's the yoke for the X-Wing. Weird.