Friday, June 22, 2007

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Thoughts

Finally, something to wash away the taste of crap left behind by Spider-Man 3. I went into this movie with somewhat high expectations, as I do with all comic book movies. So here's my Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer review in one word: awesome. Parts of the dialogue are a little cheesy and the Stan Lee cameo is even more annoying than in Spidey 3, but overall the movie is great.

The development of the characters was better this time around. It felt very balanced, showcasing each of the Four's powers and problems. At only an hour and a half, I thought I would feel cheated, but the story moves along nicely. It isn't forced or rushed like Spidey 3. I always thought the FF were kind of lame in the comics - I never liked them, but over the course of these two movies, I've really grown to appreciate these characters, and the family dynamic.

Spoilers ahoy! Here we go - I like how much the commercials / ads kept out of the movie, like Doctor Doom. I knew the actor was in it, but Doom turns out to be a pretty big plot point. And huge spoiler - Doom gets control of the surfboard and turns into the Silver Surfer for a while - freakin' awesome!! And the only one that can stop him? The Human Torch by absorbing and using all four of their powers. I was really hoping they would show Galactus in all his badass humanoid form but I was okay with how they portrayed it. I always thought Galactus' costume looked a little silly, and the concept of a cosmic dust cloud destroying planets is a bit more realistic than a 60-ft. guy in a blue and purple costume.

Overall, it's a fun superhero movie, which is what these movies are supposed to be. Go see it already.


Tyler said...

So the Torch turns into the Super Skrull?

chris said...

In a sense, yeah.

And oh yeah, I have no clue how big Galactus is supposed to be. I just guessed 60-ft., in case some FF fan wants to call me out on that.

Tyler said...

I think 60-ft is fair guesstimate. I'll check my OMHU(DE) tonight and see if they list an official height for him.

Tyler said...

By the way, the one thing that is not invisible on that picture of Jessica Alba is her boobs. Nice. How are they in the movie?

chris said...

She looked a little bit weird in the beginning of the movie. I think 'cause of her yellow hair and skin against the white wedding gown. But later on, she's got glasses on, and we all know hot chicks wearing glasses makes them 14x hotter. Nice.