Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Comic Book Ads #4 - The Airwolf Copter

Who wouldn't jump on this thing? Sadly, the ad makes no mention of the 'copter having a "stealth mode" or rocket launchers, which surely would have ensured sales in the billions. My one complaint with the ad is the other kids enjoying the one kid flying Airwolf. No one has fun watching somebody else do something fun, especially flying a remote controlled anything. I remember one time, a coworker showed us his remote controlled truck on lunch break and I was bored to tears. He wouldn't let me drive it and he showboated for 20 minutes. Of course, he's also an asshole, but I digress - if you had an Airwolf copter as a kid, no one else was going to get a turn. Ever. I'd hold this thing closer than a lifesize replica of Jessica Alba. What?

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