Thursday, April 2, 2009

Young X-Men: Cancelled.

I'm a little late on this news, but apparently, Marvel has canceled Young X-Men. I am pretty disappointed. I cruised through the message boards, and I guess I am in the minority because a lot of people didn't like the series. I thought it was just starting to get good.

It's going to be interesting now because they still have to do something with the characters, Dust and Rockslide are pretty popular, they can't just leave them in limbo, I guess they'll try and work them into Uncanny, but that title already has like five storylines going on at the same time. I personally really liked Ink; I thought it was a pretty cool idea for a character, and they made him pretty powerful at the end of the series, so for him to sit on the sidelines would be pretty weak. Unless they're going to just get rid of him, because they have a built-in storyline to do that.

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