Monday, February 23, 2009

Youngblood #8.

Speaking of Rob Liefeld, I was on Image's website this morning and noticed the cover to Youngblood #8. Apparently, Rob couldn't stay away from the newest comic book trend; shamelessly trying to drive up sales by putting an image of Obama on the cover. Apparently, Rob thinks that even the 44th Prez needs some cross-hatched shading on his face to really bring him to life. Where is the light source coming from in that cover? He's got shadows on both sides of his face but then the background is pretty flat. The result is; it looks like he hasn't shaved in a couple of days. And that his facial hair grows in cross-hatched. Nice job there. I can imagine Rob sitting at his drawing table saying, "A little shading on the face...and...done. Time to cash some checks."

I also like how their "variants" are the exact same cover, just in a slightly different color scheme. You'd think that because it's Rob Liefeld, the variant would be a chromium, gold-foil, hologram, die-cut cover, selling for $8.99. But nope, instead of all of that awesomeness, they decided to just make it gray. Probably because of the economy.


Chris said...

Just above that is a solicitation for the 4th printing of Savage Dragon #145 w/ Obama on the cover. I know he has way better things to do, but it just seems so weird how many people are out to make a quick buck on this. I imagine in a few years, none of these issues will be worth that much.

Tyler said...

Word, I forgot, I was going to mention the Savage Dragon issue. And yeah, I think all of these Obama issues are going to be like the original X-Force #1, i.e. - everyone thinks they're going to hold their value, but they'll be worthless in a couple of years.