Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Man-Thing - A Review. Kinda.

With my fiancee out of town, I decided it was time to rearrange my Netflix queue and bump up the movies she would have zero interest in seeing. So, of course that meant Man-Thing.

I'll go ahead and state that I didn't watch the entire thing. I mean, I watched about 30 minutes then got bored, and fast forwarded through the remainder of it. On the plus side, the movie looks nice. Visually, it's interesting and it doesn't come off like a movie shot for basic cable. But yet there is a reason it went straight to basic cable. Even Man-Thing (when he finally shows up 40+ minutes into the movie) looks kinda cool. Sadly, this movie comes off as a decent looking horror movie - completely with cussing and a set of boobs five minutes into the movie. The acting is decent but yeah, it's not exactly the awesome Marvel faire we've come to expect in recent years. Rent it if you must...?

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