Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Marvel Toys

Damn you, Marvel! They just announced that Hasbro will be producing a line of 3 3/4" figures to celebrate Marvel's 70th anniversary. I thought that size would be too small to get any good measure of detail in there but those photos at the bottom look amazing!

Looks like it's just going to be a general Marvel line which sounds incredibly awesome. If I was still in my toy collecting frenzy days, I'd probably try to get them all but I'll probably just pick up my favorites.

Even better, Hasbro is letting you choose five figures to be included in the line. Yeah, I admit - I voted for Vance Astrovik. So what about it?

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Tyler said...

A. Man, three posts in a row by Chris. I need to get off my ass and write something.

B. Saw this on Marvel's site a couple of days ago and kind of got way too excited.

C. Vance is in the new Guardians of the Galaxy. You should try and pick that one up, it is REALLY good.