Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wolverine and the X-Men: First Impressions.

I've watched the first four or five episodes of Wolverine and the X-Men and it's pretty decent. It's kind of cross between the X-Men series on FOX in the '90s and the X-Men: Evolution series from a couple of years ago, in that it's faithful to a lot of elements of the comic book, but they have also made a lot of the characters younger and they are trying to develop their own stories.

Yes, it is strange to see Wolverine in a leadership position, and there is at least one episode so far where his is the only "X-Man" featured (Gambit was also in that episode, but he hasn't officially joined the team yet). There is an attack targeted against telepaths, and Professor X and Jean Grey go missing. Cyke is despondent after losing Jean, so he really isn't in the frame of mind to pull the team together, and after a visit from Professor X from the future, he tells Wolverine he has to put the team back together.

The animation is alright, it is obviously a kids show, because Wolverine doesn't get his costume trashed every time he fights like he does in the comics, even when he gets hit square in the chest with a laser. There was also a car chase involving the Blob that was kind of awkward.

But overall, I like it. It's entertaining, I'm probably not going to go out and buy it on DVD, but I will certainly make sure that my DVR is recording every episode.

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