Monday, November 24, 2008

Deadpool #5, Preview.

Alright, so Marvel posted a preview of Deadpool #5, which comes out on December 17th. Personally, I love the new Deadpool series, it's off to a great start and I think it's in great hands with Daniel Way at the helm. I have a couple of issues of Cable & Deadpool (I was a little late to the party on that one) and I've gotta say, I think Marvel did the right thing by splitting up that twosome into their own separate series. I've also gotta say that I'm pretty close to dropping Cable because it's SO boring. It's basically the exact opposite of the Deadpool series, which is funny, entertaining, clever, and just an enjoyable read every month. Nothing really happens in that Cable book. Man, is that a boring book.

Deadpool is rapidly becoming one of my favorite "B-Level" characters; the short-list goes something like, Moon Knight, Deadpool and Deathlok. I read on an interview with Axel Alonso on Myspace Comics (he took Joe Quesada's place this week) that he's been wanting to do a Deathlok story for a long time, and he also said that they're going to do that next year, and I couldn't be more excited. Pretty awesome.

Anyways, here's the art for Deadpool #5:

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