Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April 2008 Reads Part I.

Cable #2: Not a whole lot going on in this one. Bishop has a time machine and is after Cable and he's still trying to kill the mutant baby. At first I thought it was a Bishop from an alternate reality because he had a metal arm, but they went through the back story in this issue and at the end of the Messiah Complex, he lost his arm. But then he found one of Forge's arms that had a time machine integrated into it. Convenient, or just lazy writing? You make the call (Remember those commercials from Monday Night Football? I think they were sponsored by AT&T? You got nothin'?). I hope at some point he gets his real arm back because there's enough guys wondering around with metal arms already. What is this, 1996? It's like the mid-90's all over again. And that's not a good thing.

Logan #2: I still really don't get the point of this book, good thing there's only one more issue to go. ::SPOILERS:: It did reveal that Logan was at Hiroshima while the A-Bomb was dropped. Oh, and he survived the blast in a pretty cool looking last panel. He was fighting some dude that couldn't feel pain and it's assumed that he didn't make it through the blast. The thing is, dude that can't feel any pain guy killed Logan's lover, but she would have just died in the blast anyway, so, what was the point again? I dunno. I believe there's only one more issue left, so my last question is; What the Deuce? I really don't understand this series and I hope the last issue can clear it up, otherwise I am going to be pissed.

Moon Knight #17: Interesting. Still kind of a build-up issue and Marc seems to be finally losing his ish; then there was an "oh s#%t" moment right at the end. It involves the guy that seems to be in every single comic book that Marvel publishes. Next month might be a slow issue because Mooney is kind of, sort of, in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. So far, the latest arc has been very slow to develop, so I hope it picks up at some point. It's still one of my favorites to read though, and I look forward to it every month. I'm not going to drop it anytime soon, but I am hoping next month's issue is a good one because it's a great series. You should check it out if you get the chance.

New Exiles #4: So, I was flipping through this one, and I wanted it to be over with but then the lead-in to the next issue was pretty good, so I was thinking that maybe I'd buy the next issue. But then I thought about it again today and I don't think I'll be buying this book anymore. But I always seem to change my mind when I get to the store, so, we'll see. The reason I may keep on buying it is because there was a new member that has a totally different origin, and that the whole first mission wasn't supposed to be about saving that world, it was about getting the last member of the team. And then when they got back home, things were all crazy at the base. So, I guess I'm flip through it off the rack next month and if it looks interesting, I'll get it. I'm trying to be non-committal about it.

Omega: The Unknown #7: Ok, so I kind of didn't really read this one. I tried, I really did, but I could get through it. I think mainly it was because I was tired when I tried and I haven't read the other six issues, so I really have no clue as to what's going on in the story. It was a little hard to get into because of those factors. I did flip through every page and the art is pretty cool. So it's got that going for it. I'll probably keep buying it until Gary Panter stops drawing it or the series ends (I think it's a limited series), whichever comes first. Anyone know which will come first? Help a brother out here. If you can.

Secret Invasion #1: Ok, I was still a little on the fence about the whole Secret Invasion crossover, but now I'm totally in. This issue was very good and had a couple of minor reveals with a major shocker revealed at the end. There's a whole bunch of tie-in issues which I may or may not get (in fact, here's a link to the checklist on Marvel's site). I've been listening to some podcasts lately, and apparently Brian Bendis had this in mind even before the Civil War and has been dropping clues about the invasion for a long time. I watched the clip of Bendis on Attack of the Show and he said near the end that he doesn't retcon, but isn't this whole thing a retcon? I mean, they're going back and explaining that a lot of events in the Marvel Universe were a result of the Skrull Invasion and that it's been secretly going on for a very long time. ::SPOILER:: Look at the cover to Mighty Avengers #12. One of the characters on that cover is a Skrull (which was revealed in the first issue of Secret Invasion), we just don't know how long he's been a Skrull. So to me, judging from that cover, he's been a Skrull since the 60's. Isn't that a retcon? I guess I'm going to have to buy the damn issue and find out.

The Twelve #4: I had a conversation in the comic store with another guy and the owner of the store about this series. I try not to talk to anyone while I'm there, because I already feel like a giant nerd just walking into a comic shop, so I really don't need to get into a convo with other nerds while I'm there, but this time it happened. The guy had taken the last issue on the rack and the other owner gave me a copy from behind the counter (they are really cool over at House of Secrets). Anyway, the owner that was ringing me up was saying that he keeps ordering more and more issues each month and they keep selling out. My response was, "It's such a good book", and the guy that took the last issue off the rack agreed. I told him I had to go to another store last month to pick up an issue because they were sold out. He said that he'd order even more for next month. Then the other dude started talking but I told him I had to go. So, you're probably wondering about the issue. Again, it's another solid installment, and you should be adding it to your buy list. It's just really, really good and you're missing out if you're not picking this one up. That's all I'm gonna say.

Young X-Men #1: This one was surprisingly good. I still don't really understand why they had to stop publishing New X-Men and reboot the title when half of the New X-Men are on this team. Cyclops had an interesting speech when he assembled the team and basically told them that they are the last generation of mutants and that the greatest threat will come from other mutants. This newest threat will come from a new version of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and they were revealed in a splash-panel on the last page. ::SPOILER:: The new Brotherhood is comprised of: Cannonball, Danielle Moonstar, Magma and Sunspot. Yes, that's right, most of the original New Mutants are now part of the Brotherhood. Really cool reveal. If you look at the cover for Young X-Men #2, it looks like Danielle gets her powers back. I am a Moonstar fan, so I hope that's for real. As I said, I was really surprised by how good this book was and I'm looking forward to the next issue.

Tomorrow, I've only got two books on my list: Fantastic Four #556 and Wolverine #64, but they are two comics that I've been excited to read lately, so at least I've got that going for me.


chris. said...

If they reveal that either Captain America (Steve Rogers) or Iron Man is a Skrull, I'm going to be pissed.

They already negated a large part of Civil War with Spider-Man's unmasking retcon. If Iron Man or Cap is a Skrull, that's not only a slap in the face, it's a kick in the balls, too.

Tyler said...

Well, it's complicated. I don't think Steve Rogers was a Skrull cuz when he died, he didn't revert to a Skrull. But then they found this spaceship that has a whole bunch of superheroes in it, so either they're all Skrulls, or they're the originals and the people we thought were the originals were Skrulls (follow any of that?). A "Captain America" came off of the ship, so I think everyone that came off of there is a Skrull. If they don't reveal what the deal is with that by the end of Secret Invasion #2 comes out, I'm gonna be pissed. Bendis says they're showing everything that's behind the curtain, so they better straighten this out.

I don't think Iron Man is a Skrull. It would explain a lot, but I think they've been hinting at that to try and throw everyone off. I also don't think they're going to mess with the death of Cap, I hope they realize it's gonna piss everyone off. But, hey, they're Marvel, they do whatever the fuck they want sometimes.

chris. said...

I think I read somewhere that Skrulls could be impersonating heroes even if the heroes are still around and okay. I think there was a Skrull posing as Daredevil in order to get to Elektra or something.

It'll be interesting.

Tyler said...

Yeah, there was one impersonating Daredevil and there's one impersonating Ms. Marvel. But the spaceship full of heroes was kind of unexpected and unexplained; at least at the end of Secret Invasion #1. They better get to that within the first three pages of Secret Invasion #2 or I'm gonna have to take some drastic measures.

It kind of looks like they were all from the Secret Wars Era, so I wonder if that has anything to do with it. It could be interesting because that was the first Marvel Super-Crossover that started all of these major summer crossovers. It would be like bringing it around full circle.