Monday, December 17, 2007

Heroes: Season Two Thoughts

Heroes wrapped up its first second season story arc "Generations" and here I am with a late review. Creator Tim Kring has noted some of the missteps made so far this year, which is good. Hopefully he recognized it on its own, rather than from constant complaints of the fans. The finale was rather satisfying, although it leaves me with a new complaint about Elle and Adam.

I realize the show is called Heroes, but this show needs villains. What do comic book heroes do? They fight villains! They don't take 8 issues to drive to America. Adam is a very intriguing character, especially when he revealed his motivations for releasing the Shanti virus. Elle was mildly annoying but at least she had a cool power. The whole "fighting back against her father" and "wanting to prove herself" felt too rushed. Just let her be a badass chick that electrocutes people and gets away with it for a while. Bonus idea: her superhero name should be ElectroCUTE. Crap, did I just violate WGA rules by posting that idea for Mr. Kring?

Same thing with Matt's Dad - here was this badass villain who was supposed to be more badass than Sylar, and he gets shut out pretty quick. I like how they put him away, but again, it felt rushed.

Here's hoping the show gets back on the right track whenever this strike ends.

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Tyler said...

I think they're going to solve the "villains problem" in the next chapter, that's why it's called "villains". But I think you're right on, that last chapter was missing villains for them to fight. It got a little more interesting at the end, but I was still disappointed.