Friday, December 28, 2007

Comic Book Ads #8 - Charles Atlas.

You know this ad. It's a classic. This one I believe was updated for the '90s because I think I scanned it in when I was doing that X-Force comic review and forgot that I uploaded it. It even has a website address. Things I love about this ad: The Blue Ribbon for "World's Most Perfectly Developed Man", and the check boxes for how to develop different muscle groups, with "Success With Girls" and "Magnetic Personality" thrown in at the end. Does anyone know if Mr. Atlas is still alive?

UPDATE: I just looked him up on wikipedia and he died in the '70s. So all those times I saw that ad in comic books and on TV, it was just a marketing campaign. I am kind of wondering if the "Success With Girls" information is still available because I want to know what kind of advice that a guy born who was born in 1892 and has been dead for 30+ years can give me in regards to attracting women. Charles Atlas might just might end up getting 2 of my hard earned dollars.

UPDATE #2: I bought a random collection of 100 old comics on eBay for like twenty bucks and they came yesterday. So I was reading Marvel Super-Heroes #35 (which I think just reprinted old Hulk and Sub-Mariner comics, but they never list the original comics that they reprinted) and on the very last page, I came across this original Charles Atlas ad, so I thought I'd scan it in and post it. You can see that some of the illustrations were redone in the 90's ad, but overall, it's still the same ad. This ad was published in 1972, presumably right before the real Mr. Atlas died. I thought it was a strange occurrence, that I found this one after writing about it a couple of days ago, and that this one was published right before his death. Pretty trippy.

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Steven said...

Tales to Astonish #80 with a Rich Buckler/Frank Giacoia cover! (Had to look it up).