Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yo Joe! Classic.

I'm a little late to the game on this one, but IDW is republishing the Marvel G.I. Joe series in trade paperback form. I think the first couple are just sanitized versions of the old Marvel trades (they erased the Marvel logos off of the covers), but hopefully they release the rest of the series in trades.

To be honest, this series was the reason I got into comics and it was the first series that I followed with any kind of regularity. I really think this was an underrated series and Larry Hama is a pretty underrated writer. I am planning on trying to buy as many of the trades as I can, currently they only have the first two released (Volume 1: Issues 1-10, Volume 2: Issues 11-20) but two more are on the way (you can preorder Volume 3: Issues 21-30 and Volume 4: Issues 31-40).

In my opinion, issues #20-55 are the height of the series. They are very well written, the story arcs are excellent, the art is great, and there are plenty of ninjas involved. After issue #55, it kind of starts tailing off, I think Hama was under increased pressure to come up with and push new characters and vehicles. It got to the point where a lot of favorites were getting phased out of the story. I ended up dropping the series because I was getting into the X-Men and other traditional comics, but every once in awhile I'd check it out. I still try and pick up some reader copies whenever I'm at a con. But now you can pick them up rather inexpensively, they're all in the $13 pricepoint.

I highly suggest picking them up, they're well worth your time. Yo Joe!

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