Tuesday, July 3, 2007


The What If/FF review is coming, I swear. Until then (probably tomorrow morning, but maybe this afternoon) enjoy this link on Marvel's website. It's about the David Finch cover to X-Men #200. You can see it in the raw pencils stage, then with ink, and finally after the colors. Pretty cool. There is also one with a handy-dandy key to identify all of the X-Men on the cover, because there are a ton of them. If someone hadn't already done it, we should have done a "build your favorite X-Men team post". Whatever, we still may do it. Alright, I've got some work to finish up and then another post to write.


Ahi said...

The graphic at the top of the page on the Marvel link is awesome. The fade from pencil to ink to final is very well done!!

Tyler said...

Yeah, that was pretty cool too. I was thinking about doing that for the full pic I uploaded for the post, but then got slammed with some work. I think the pencils to ink is the most dramatic because you really have to know what you're doing when you're inking, you can mess that up real quick. And for that cover there's a lot of ink to lay down. Especially in the middle in the Beast/Cable/Wolvie/Cyke part.

chris said...

That's pretty cool. I'm way out of the X-Men loop. Darwin? Sway? I do remember Maggot around, and being incredibly gay. Time to hit the Wikipedia.