Monday, July 23, 2007

Transformers 2007, Review #3

Why do another Transformers post? Why NOT, is my question. My review will be brief - I didn't like this movie. The most obvious plot hole that bothers me is - if they were all after the glasses, why didn't they just bid on eBay? That auction had zero bids, and since "they learned about Earth" from the internet and they mention eBay like, twenty times, it would have been so easy. The movie could have been 2 hours of Bumblebee trying to outbid Starscream, and someone getting sniped at the last minute.

The marketing team could have totally had fun with the eBay page, too, but they totally blew it.

Hasbro has a GI Joe movie in development and I seriously, seriously hope they make it cheesy. That's what makes the cartoon so awesome - it's over the top ridiculous, but they'll probably crap it up by trying to make it all serious and realistic. On a scale of "See it on iMax" to "You're better off stabbing your eyes with a pencil," I give Transformers a "Rent it and watch it drunk with your buddies."


Tyler said...

I think a scene with Starscream and Bumblebee trying to outbid each other on eBay with Omega Supreme coming in right at the end and winning it with a last second bid would have easily eclipsed any of the comic relief scenes that they had in there.

They were selling props from the movie about a week or two ago on eBay. The All Spark Cube was going for $40k the last time I checked it and I think at that point it had a couple of days to go. Crazy. Shipping was only like $15 because I think it's a cardboard box with resin on top of it. Who would pay $40k+ for a cardboard box? Somebody.

Ahi said...

Is that the transformed Allspark that was like 6 x 6 or the unnecessarily gigantic one that took up most of the dam? Eh, I guess that one would be more than $15 shipping, probably more like $25.

I'm just waiting for the release of the action figure of the Mountain Dew machine that came alive because of the Allspark. That would be rad.

Tyler said...

Yeah, it was the small version Rich. (I sensed your sarcasm)

I would buy one of those Mountain Dew machines if they made one. You should write Hasbro about it and get the wheels in motion.