Monday, August 11, 2008

August 2008 Reads, Part I.

Cable #6: For some reason, this one took me a long time to get through. It had a lot more words than normal, and that was a good thing. Normally, it's a five minute read - max, because it's a lot of shooting and running, and running and shooting. So this one was pretty interesting because it mainly focused on Cyclops in the current time line and how he's dealing with the decision to send his son (Cable) into the time stream with the mutant baby. There was also a lot of Emma looking hot in this book, but every time she's involved, be prepared for a lot words and psychological talk. I think that's why it took me so long to read it, there was a lot going on. This issue was slightly better than the normal issues, which have been pretty disappointing in my opinion.

Final Crisis #3: I keep forgetting to mention that I've been buying Final Crisis. Basically, I wanted to see what all of the hub-bub was about and if it was as good as the Secret Invasion books, because they are pretty similar; they're both shaking up their respective universes and they are big summer cross-overs. I've gotta say; I was lukewarm on this series to begin with, and this issue was pretty bad. Maybe it's because I'm not that familiar with the current state of affairs in the DC Universe, but I found it to be a hard book to follow. In my opinion, the Secret Invasion books are easier to read because you don't need to know every single thing that has gone on in the last two years to follow them. And I don't think it's because 90% of the comics I read are Marvel either, I've pretty much just gotten back into collecting in the last year after taking a considerable time off, so I think it's just how each series is executed. I think the Secret Invasion books are executed much better than the Final Crisis books have been. One thing that did get me a little excited was at the very end of the book because it involved time travel. I love time travel. I'll keep buying this for five more issues until it's done, but I won't be very happy about it.

Hulk #5: This was a fun one. Plenty of fighting and smashing. I have been considering dropping this book, but then every time I read it, I have fun, so I guess I'm going to keep buying it until it stops being fun. At the end of this issue, it had a "To Be Concluded..." in the last panel, so I guess they're will be some kind of closure to this Green Hulk/Red Hulk story. It also pretty much sets up another Red Hulk - Green Hulk collision, which should be fun. One thing that is annoying; this book has Iron Man in it and it's the "I can be on one coast of the U.S. on page twenty-two and then show up on the other coast of the U.S. by page twenty-four" variety. It's just lazy writing.

The Twelve #7: So, I keep making the same mistake every time The Twelve comes out; I leave it until last. I normally read new books on Wednesday night in bed right before I go to sleep. So I have a lot of trouble with the more verbose books if I leave them until later. I should always start with The Twelve. I think this was part of the reason that I didn't think Cable was that bad this month; I read it first and was able to get through it even though it was pretty wordy because I wasn't as tired as I was by the time I got around to reading this issue of The Twelve. So I read it the following night and it was a pretty solid issue. There's only five issues left so they need to start wrapping this up. There's also a major event that was revealed at the end of the first issue still has to happen. I liked this issue because it was more of a detective based story, it reminded me of reading Detective Comics in the mid to late '80s. I'm glad this one bounced back, I was a little worried there for a second.

Wolverine: Killing Made Simple: You know what? This was a pretty fun read. I've been kind of down on all of these Wolvie One-Shots because they seem to have a new one coming out every other month and they're $3.99 and they're just ok, but this one had a pretty good mix of fighting, killing and comedy. There's one part where he lists all of the ways that he can die, and it was pretty entertaining. I could have done without the preview of the issue of Wolverine that was released the week before. I guess they were short on pages.

Anyways, Wednesday I'll be buying; Astonishing X-Men #26, Fantastic Four #559, Genext #4 (Thank God it's almost over with), Kick-Ass #4, Secret Invasion #5, Secret Invasion: X-Men #1, and I'm thinking about getting Secret Invasion: Thor #1. I'll flip through it off the rack and make a decision.

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