Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Iron Man, The Movie #2.

So this morning I was reading Marvel's newsletter The Pulse (does DC have a newsletter? I wonder what it's called. I think my College's newsletter was also called "The Pulse", but it was super lame.) and they had an article article about the Iron Man panel at the SD Comic Con. So I hopped on Flickr and stole some guy's picture of the suit that they shipped to the Comic Con.

Chris and I had plans to go, but there were a whole bunch of logistical problems, and I know we haven't posted a whole lot lately, but I think that's because we're all busy. Chris was on vacation and started a new job, and I really don't know what Rich has got going on, but he's probably got a whole bunch of projects going on all at the same time. For me, work has been kicking my ass. That was the main reason I couldn't go. I was planning on going on Thursday and/or Friday, but then a whole bunch of stuff happened at work and I had to meet a deadline on Friday. I also will be out of the country next Tuesday-Thursday (I'll be in Utah for a tradeshow for work. And yes, I consider Utah to be a different country). So some other people around here are going to have to pick it up. But it's not like anyone's paying attention to this thing anyway, I think that lately the #1 reason people are coming to the site is from google image searches for the cover to The Amazing Spider-Man #282.

ANYWAYS, I am still super jacked for this Iron Man movie to come out. And Chris told me the other day that they've got a Moon Knight TV series in development right now. I cannot tell you how awesome that is. At some point we WILL do a Moon Knight week. For some reason he's one of my favorite characters that I didn't collect enough comics of. I think a lot of that was because he didn't have a constant regular title going. He always had something that was started, then changed writers or artists and then scrapped entirely, only to be restarted a few years later. And I think he's been retconned or had a character change a few times. He's basically Marvel's Hawkman, only he looks like Batman, but in white clothes. Anyways, Moon Knight week is coming. Maybe not today, maybe not next month, but sometime. In the future. I promise.

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Tyler said...

I guess DC's newsletter is called DC Nation. Only it's not as good as Marvel's. Marvel has a whole bunch of stuff each week, DC seems to have a guest writer every week and they talk about random stuff. And it's short.