Sunday, August 12, 2007

Comic Book Ads #6 - ZORCOM SPACE SHIP.

Man, I hope someone remembers this one. I almost saved up the $12.95 (Plus $3 shipping) to get one of these things, I thought they were pretty rad. I know it's a bad scan, all of the ads I found were in pre-1980s comics, and all of them weren't printed very well and aged rather badly (just the ad, for some reason it wasn't printed all that great in any comic I found it in). I also didn't really feel like spending $6.95 to buy a copy of the ad off of eBay (which has to be from the original paste-up because the quality looks like it's pretty good). Anyways, I thought that this was pretty cool when I was a kid, and if I got one, I would have played with it until it was useless. I think my Dad made me one out of a cardboard box and I decorated it, but it wasn't as cool as an actual Zorcom. You could store it under your bed, and it could be set up two different ways: upright in blastoff mode, or horizontally in flying mode. Pretty dope.

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