Monday, December 22, 2008

Thunderbolts: Dark Reign.

There's really good interview with Andy Diggle about the new direction of the Thunderbolts book. Having recently read the entire Thunderbolts series, it's not surprising that the book is getting rebooted with a new roster, it seemed to happen once every two years during the life of the series. The idea behind the series kind of lends itself to happening, but it also makes it for a tough read all the way through, because it has been rebooted or re-rostered about 20 times already. With that being said, I like the way the last couple of issues have gone (even though you can see the storyline coming from a mile away) and the new roster/story looks pretty interesting.

One thing that I can't wait for, which is mentioned in the interview, is the Deadpool crossover. Yeah, that is going to be pretty awesome, because the two characters that I love the way they've been written lately are Norman Osborn and Wade Wilson. So it will be pretty interesting to see them in a cross-over together (although they probably won't be together in the same panel, well, maybe at the end Wade will finally get to Norman) and you throw in the bunch of misfits that make up the Thunderbolts, and I think it will be a pretty entertaining couple of issues.

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