Sunday, September 2, 2007

Comic Book Ads #7 - X-Force T-Shirt.

Chris ran that post the other day about Shatterstar, so I thought I'd get some posts together about X-Force because I'm currently reading the title right now. I'll write a post with my first impressions in a few days, I"ve got a few observations, but they're probably observations that others have already brought up about the series.

But today, we have an ad for an X-Force T-Shirt that ran in X-Force #1. Basically, this was the ad that pissed Rob Liefeld off and resulted in his defection from Marvel and the co-founding of Image comics. Basically, He (and the other artists that left and co-founded Image) was upset that he wasn't receiving royalties for merchandize that Marvel was selling that featured characters the he (and others) had created. So they created their own imprints where the creators owned the characters. While this worked in the beginning, eventually they all had to hire writers and illustrators and a lot of people have argued that Image has turned into the very thing is was rebelling against. More on that later. But anyway, so here you go, a little blast from the past from the early '90s.


chris said...

Ah, I remember these. I thought the majority of those t-shirts they ran ads for were pretty cheesy. This one is no exception.

I just noticed the PO box is in Chatsworth. I wonder if that place is still in business.

Tyler said...

I didn't even notice the P.O. Box. Good eye! Good eye!